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A website has become a crucial element to a brand.

Despite this, most brands are struggling to generate business and value from their websites. What could the problem be? It is no longer a question of putting nice images and text online; rather it is a process of understanding your target users and creating a digital experience for them. By understanding your users and business needs, we develop websites that are user-oriented and easy to maintain. Using creative concepts, we ensure that your website provides a unique experience and achieves your brand’s objectives.

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Designing Products for Humans.

We help companies develop products from ideas. Since 2016, we have helped project teams in East Africa design and develop human centered products. This has enabled us to identify and address some of the key issues faced during product development. As a result, we have developed efficient execution processes that we have tested in various product journeys with the user as the main pivot point. 

We have developed engagement models that allow us to offer ‘ In House Like’ service delivery. Here are the ways you can engage with us.

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Digital Marketing

Getting businesses closer to customers through social engineering

By understanding your users and business needs, we create custom digital campaigns that help you deliver your message to specific clients through the right digital channels. This way, you can gather feedback directly from individual users, and analyse the next steps for your business with marketing performance reports.

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Meet the team...

Ianson Kiriga

Founder, Team Lead

My ambition to change the standards of creativity in East Africa through young talent inspires me everyday. What do I give to my team? Team Leadership, Customer Relations, Creative Direction & Rally Navigator On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me with my friends tinkering an old Subaru searching for more boost.

John Kadivane

Business Development Manager

I have been working and enabling creatives tech support. From email creation to website and app review, I am a do it all person. My regular weekend activities include tuning vehicles and motorsport driving. My favorite creative YouTubers are Fitment Industries and Donut Media.

Mutugi Kirema

Business Development Manager

I recently found myself falling in love with tech and since then I have started and managed tech companies. I do development and management for my team. I enjoy listening to Jazz (Frank Sinatra) or South African music ( Simmy ).  Am a sucker for travel, especially bush Safaris.

Stephanie Kabi

UI/UX Lead

I have been a casual artist, and slid into design in 2017 while studying a crash design course for a university final year project. My best skills at Creative Consillium include UX/UI design, front-end app development, and task documentation. I spend a lot of my down time learning Japanese and German on Duolingo.

Mutethia Michael

Creative Lead

I became a creative when growing up, always drawing and creating stuff in school and at home. Eventually when I finished high school, I could not think of anything else to study apart from an art-related course. Listening to and understanding the client are the best skills that I bring to my job. Most people don't know that I bake. These include cakes, coastal pastry, you name it. I also watch Ran Segall’s Youtube design channel, Flux.

Ianson Muriu
Founder & Team Lead
John Kadivane
Co-Founder & Business Development Manager
Mutugi Kirema
Business Development Manager
Michael Mutethia
Chief Design Officer
Stephanie Kabi
Lead Creative
Edward Ndukui
Chief Technical Officer
Mercy Kabiria
UI/UX Designer
Maluki Mbesa
Business Development Professional
Daisy Kimari
Team Admin


Why should I invest in you?

We execute projects using a structured workflow with set milestones. With each milestone, you receive regular updates on progress, which enables you to plan your business accordingly. Additionally, we communicate promptly, and respond to feedback & new ideas. In case what you need is more than what we provide, we harness our network of people we’ve worked with in the past to assist you to achieve your goals.

How do I get updates on how a project is going?

We can communicate on progress, ask questions and brainstorm ideas using email, Slack, or in-person meetings. This way, we can accommodate your schedule and allow flexibility when things come up.

When can we start a project?

Once we have an initial meeting for a project brief, we send you a contract. It includes key information such as the milestones and dates, the team involved, and payment terms. The contract is open to revision before signing. Once you sign the contract and follow the payment terms, the project begins immediately.

How long does a project take?

The project timeline depends on the type of your product and activities to be done based on the milestones. We know that your business depends on our deliverables, so all timelines are set to make sure the project is complete and live as soon as possible.

How does payment work?

We offer two payment options: bank transfer (preferred) and a cheque deposit. For payments, please get in touch with us at and we will guide you on the next steps. Payment details will be included on all invoices we send you. Payments are confirmed as received only when confirmed by our bank.

Can I get a product if it does not fit in the available pricing plans?

Absolutely. Tell us about the product you have in mind on our contact form and we will pick up the conversation with you ASAP.

Do your payments include VAT?

All payments are VAT inclusive (16%) based on the laws of Kenya. VAT details will be included on all invoices we send you.