You can have a web or mobile app that customers love.

We create applications that are user-centric and that allow your customers to achieve their goal in the easiest way possible. Let's delight your customers with carefully crafted experiences.

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Designing experiences that make lives easier and businesses better

We care deeply about the results we deliver. We insist on getting to know you and your business almost as well as you do, so that we can create a website that is intentional and brings you more clients. We aim to become friends when working together, marketing becomes fun and easy, and this crazy thing called running a business online starts feeling like the most normal thing in the world.

Case Studies

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Our Process

Designing experiences that make lives easier and businesses better

Project Scoping

Applications can go out of hand without proper scoping. We take the time to understand the problem being addressed and identifying different approaches to solving them. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to get right.

Upto 1 month

User Journey Mapping

Once we have an idea of the problem and possible solutions, we start identifying who the target is and how they would want to use the application. Using user personas and complex user flows, we can start visualising and optimising the process.

Upto 3 weeks

Application Design

Through rapid prototyping tools like Figma we design the entire web or mobile app experience which enables us to get a feel of how the solution will look like and function. It gives us an opportunity to see gaps and optimise process flows before developing the final product.

Upto 2 Months


We take an agile approach to development. This means that we develop in stages through weekly or bi-weekly sprints whilst involving you and any potential users to get initial feedback and see possible optimisation opportunities.

upto 3 Months

User Acceptance Testing

Once the entire app has been developed, we the begin the testing phase where we get to see real world usage data and feedback. This is achieved through a small selected group of testers and enables us to fix bugs and optimise the application.

Upto 2 Weeks


The app is now done! It is at this stage that we now fully release the application to the wider market. We also make sure to handover any intellectual property to your team and train them on how to manage everything.

Upto 1 Week

“You guys took the time to understand our preexisting platform and redesigned it to fit our target customer which improved our retention. Thankyou!”

Bramuel Mwalo,
Founder Xetova
What you can expect

Human-centered experiences that support success inside and out

Easy commitment

We understand that you work hard for your money. Before starting any engagement we ensure that all your questions and concerns are answered pre-commitment.

Timely Communication

From years of experience, we know communication makes or breaks relationships. That is why it is important to us that we keep you in the loop of everything that is going on. Whether it is foreseen delays, points of concern or just general catch up sessions, we want you to feel involved

Clear Documentation

We leverage on online tools to host any discussions and documents generated throughout the process. This way you have a clear picture of the entire journey

Dedicated Personnel

Through clear internal structures, which we expose to you, we ensure that your project gets the time and personnel it deserves to get it to the finish line in the fastest way possible.


Every business has unique requirements. Let’s chat and see what investment makes the most sense to your business.

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“I love working with clients on complex problems and orchestrating our vast capabilities to solve them.”

Ianson Muriu, Founder & Team Lead
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