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MarketForce360 is a web platform that enables manufacturers & distributors to shorten their sales and distribution cycle by 50%, gain market visibility through real-time data capture, and save time and money by optimizing man-powered activities. MarketForce's goal is to create a seamless mobile app and web portal experience (UI/UX) for existing customers to provide an end-to-end sales and distribution automation platform. This will provide managers, executives and sales agents to scale their companies' revenue and gain market share in Africa's fragmented and informal retail economy.


  • Help FMCG brands to make the best of their sales, distribution & marketing activities, and teams based on market trends and consumer purchasing habits.
  • Streamline order placement & delivery processes to customers
  • Facilitate efficient customer relationship management from real-time lead entry, follow-ups, till closing, all with smart analytics.


  • Create a user-friendly interface across all devices and user types, especially for users with relatively lower technology savviness
  • Optimize customer flows for the product's operation in offline mode for geographical areas with little connectivity
  • Design smart reports for decision-making users based on three imperatives: easy-to-read tabs, great data visualization, and flexible views


  • $500M+ in sales transactions to date
  • In June 2021, MarketForce acquired a Series A investment round worth $2 million, and brought several strategic angel investors into the fold as part of their acquisition-driven growth & expansion strategy.


We designed & built Marketforce's front-end using a modular system, which involved creating system components that could be used in multiple use cases. This component-based design process would enable the xetova team to build further functionality on their own in future.

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