What to look for when hiring a UX/UI Designer

February 28, 2022

Having your business online is one of the best ways to scale. This doesn't just apply to businesses, but also to any brand.

However, a good online presence can cost you an arm and a leg if done wrong. Investing in design, hosting and all other technical website items without a clear brand strategy & understanding your audience, in my opinion, is a waste of money.

Instead, this is what you should invest in:

1. Someone who understands your brand

Find someone who takes time to understand what your brand needs. Someone who shares your vision. This will save you the disappointment of having to stall your launch date because the end product wasn't what you expected or envisioned.

2. Creativity

Most but not all communication problems can be solved through creative design. You only get one shot at a first impression, so does your website/app. Your website/app needs to visually attract the user with bold creativity. This includes the colors, font choice, icons etc.

3. User experience

Have you ever eaten at a beautiful restaurant but the service was really bad? Yeah, let that restaurant not be your website/app. An attractive website isn’t the end. Your user needs to have a good experience.

Creating the best online experience shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. What’s your wildest idea for your brand website

About the author:

I am a little bit of everything in the creative world. Majored in production but somehow found myself in the tech world, building stuff living in the internet.

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