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Dr Patricia Murugami is a corporate and life coach for people with a large multinational community, and a published author of her life hacking books, Rise and Pause.

Coming from a background of corporate accounting and auditing, Dr Patricia realised that more executives and people at her workplace needed to live fulfilling lives at work and beyond their desk. She founded Breakthrough Leadership Transformation to help her growing community of corporate & social leaders achieve their goals through her coaching.

Why did Dr Patricia Murugami choose to rebuild her website?

Past problems

  • A complex value proposition to her customers — As Dr Patricia's reach grew, so did BLT and her community. It got difficult to communicate a clear message to her audience since her identity seemed to constantly mix with that of BLT. Her personal voice seemed to drown in BLT's massive brand, that her community had come to recognize first.
  • A lot of manual processes with the previous website — in addition to speaking with her clients and other daily office tasks, her team had to take extra time out of the day to segment over 3000+ recipients for every campaign, and manually send newsletters, event updates & more online communication to them. This took hours out of almost every working day, and limited their daily growth momentum due to cumulatively repetitive tasks.
  • Payment collection issues — the old website did not have a smooth checkout process for clients, so Dr Patricia's team had to spend valuable of time on providing customer service for preventable issues, track payments made manually, and manage orders over the phone for hundreds of customers. This was an incredible hassle for the team, and also discouraged clients from making purchases.


  • The Dr Patricia Brand power — After an extensive audit of BLT's website, we realised that Dr Patricia needed to make her "voice" more prominent than BLT since more people had a stronger personal connection with her. This is because her personal brand felt more personal and easier to relate to than BLT.
  • Building an online coaching platform (Rise School) — There was another big opportunity to convert her extensive knowledge and skills into online content that anyone, anywhere, could use to grow their lives without having to personally meet her. This is where Rise School was born.
  • Automation of communication processes (emails, newsletters, purchases, events) — there was an additional opportunity to set up the websites with a robust e-commerce platform & smart mailing service that would send automatic updates to the team and their clients whenever any purchase & payment came through. These platforms could also give them statistics about how well the clients would interact with the websites.

The solution

  • A simple and Impactful strategy — the first step was identifying the clear message that the new brand needed to communicate. Over the next five months in online meetings and in-person discussions, we worked together to identify her brand voice. From meeting in person, reading into the language in her emails, and listening to testimonials about her, everything was important to truly understand her personality, and examine her goals in a new, personal light.
  • Separating the Dr Patricia, Rise School and BLT brands — the audience that would engage with each brand - Dr Patricia, Rise School or BLT- would have a different goal. We decided to separate the three brands so that the message for each one would be unique and less confusing than before.
  • Automation with e-commerce, e-learning, communication and analytics — we built it & set the websites up with a few automated softwares (WooCommerce, Mailchimp and Flutterwave) to streamline purchases and communication. This way, Dr Patricia's team needed less time to handle the administrative tasks they needed to keep an eye on, and both the team and their clients got instant updates from the website about things they needed to know.
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